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Board of Directors Meeting Results

Date : 23-03-2022
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Further to the General Assembly Meeting held today 23/03/2022, which included the election of two members of the Board of Directors to succeed the two resigned members (one of them is independent) for the remainder of the current session ending on 31/12/2022, the Board of Directors of Al Imtiaz Investment Group held its meeting on the same date, where the Board of Directors has been reconstituted as shown below:


Mr. Khaled Sultan Bin Essa – Chairman – Non-Executive

Mr. Abdullah Dekhel Jassar Al-Jassar – Vice Chairman – Non-Executive.

Mr. Ahmad Mohammad Yousef Boudai – Board Member - Non-Executive.

Mr. Abdulrahman Mohammad Saleh Al-khannah – Independent Board Member.

Mr. Tareq Ibrahim Abdullah Al Mansour – Board Member - Non-Executive.

Mr. Fahad Salah Sultan Al Essa - Independent Board Member.

Mr. Nawaf Hussain Marafi – Board Member - Executive.