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Board of Directors Meeting

Date : 25-10-2022
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Material Information


We would like to inform you that, Board of Directors of Al Imtiaz investment Group Company shall meet on Wednesday 26 /10 /2022 at 1:30 PM to discuss the following decisions:

• Discuss and approve the interim financial statements for the nine years period ended on 30/09/2022.

• Discuss the offer/ proposal submitted to Al-Ritaj Holding Company (a subsidiary of Al-Imtiaz Investment Group Company) to acquire its entire stake in one of its subsidiaries in the Arab Republic of Egypt (Delta Pharmaceutical Industries Company), which represents 60.005% of the shares of Delta Pharmaceutical Industries Company.

• Discuss the amendment of Article (5) of the Company’s Articles of Association and Article (6) of the Company’s Memorandum of Association after adding the notes of the Capital Markets Authority on the proposed amendments



Significant effect of the material information on the financial position of the Company


• With regard to the offer/ proposal submitted to the subsidiary company, the financial impact cannot currently be determined.

• With regard to the proposed amendments to the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, there is no financial impact on the Company’s financial position.