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Commentary on the press release today

Date : 09-02-2020
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Commenting on the press release published today in local newspaper regarding the purchase of - Dima Capital Investment Company - a subsidiary of Al Imtiaz Investment Group by 67.76% - an office and research building of Axalta Coating System Co. in southern Philadelphia for $61.2 million. We received a Comment from Dima Capital  “We inform you that a subsidiary of Dima Capital based in the United States of America APEX Capital Investment Corp. arranged the deal mentioned in the press release for one of its clients outside the State of Kuwait, and Dimah Capital participated for this investment $ 1.2 million of the total value of the deal, which is equivalent to KWD367,000, and it is part of the regular work carried out by Dima Capital that does not fall within the essential information that must be disclosed. This investment will not impact on the financial position of the Al Imtiaz. So it was necessary to clarify and comment on what was published
The financial impact cannot be determined at this time.