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Commenting on Published News

Date : 15-10-2020
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With reference to the above subject, and in compliance with the instructions of Book Ten (Disclosure and Transparency) of the executive regulations of Law No. (7) of 2010 regarding the establishment of the Capital Markets Authority and the regulation of securities activities and their amendments.

a local newspapers published Yesterday, Wednesday, 10/14/2020, that the Capital Markets Authority Board of Commissioners had initially approved the listing of Land United Real Estate Company on Boursa Kuwait, and that this company was established by Al-Imtiaz Investment Group Company in 2008.

We inform you that Al-Imtiaz Investment Group did not establish the Land United Real Estate Company, rather was shareholder of the company, the shares in this company has been sold since 2013, and there is no relationship or ownership between this company and Al-Imtiaz Investment Group Company.

Therefore, it worth to be mentioned.