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Whistle Blowing

Alimtiaz is committed to the highest standards of transparency, integrity and responsibility. Therefore, the Company has developed a whistleblowing policy that specifies the procedures and guideline principles for reporting any suspicious or violating conduct committed within the Company so that the necessary remedial action may be taken in a timely manner. This policy reflects the Company’s commitment to the standards of professional and ethical conduct by helping in creating an environment that enables the Company’s employees, members of the Executive Management and the members of the Board of Directors to express any concern or report any inappropriate conduct while protecting the whistleblower. This policy is a part of the Company’s overall framework of governance.

To report any suspicious behaviour or activity (illegal, unacceptable or undesirable), please complete the form attached and send it with the supporting documents by one of the following ways: 

  • By hand to The Secretary of the Board on the 32nd floor, Al Dhow Tower, Khaled Bin Al Waleed Street, Sharq, Kuwait.
  • By P.O.Box: 29050, Safat 13151, State of Kuwait.
  • By email: [email protected]

Please provide the following details about any suspicious behavior or activity (illegal, unacceptable or undesirable) suspected or any violation or suspicion of violating the law or regulations that may negatively affect the company. Please note that you may be asked for assistance to complete the investigation, if necessary.

Violation reporting is treated with strict confidentiality

Reporting person information

Suspect's information

Witness information (if any)

What is the violation / inappropriate activity that occurred?

Who is the perpetrator of this violation / inappropriate activity?

When did the event happen and when did you notice the event?

Where did the event happen?

Is there evidence that can be presented to us?

Is there another suspect party other than mentioned above?

Do you have any other information or details that would help us in the investigation?

Do you have other notes?