• Corporate Governance
  • Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Alimtiaz is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professional work conduct and ethical values through the Code of Conduct of the Board of Directors, the Executive Management and Employees which reflects work practices and conduct principles that support this commitment.

 The Charter has been prepared with the following considerations in mind

  • That every member of the Board of Directors should observe all the laws and regulations and represent all the shareholders seeking to serve the interests of the Company, of the shareholders and of the other stakeholders rather than the interests of a specific group only.
  • That disclosures should be complete, fair, accurate, reasonable and meaningful, and be made in a timely manner within the periodical reports issued by the Company and required by the government and regulatory authorities.
  • That there should be no abuse or misapplication of the Company’s assets and resources.
  • That the highest level of confidentiality and fair and unbiased dealing should be ensured.