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Key Functions


Alimtiaz is strategically organized as an investment holding company; managing a diversified portfolio of direct investments primarily in operating assets across multiple sectors and in various geographic locations. This enables Al Imtiaz to maximize value creation, take a long-term view on investments, and enhance operational excellence across business verticals. To achieve this, Al Imtiaz has an experienced management team with established track record, organized in a functional sector-based structure, and divided into three core investment functions as follows:


The Corporate Development Department is responsible for Alimtiaz growth through acquisitions and delivering value at maturity through divestitures. It creates strategic value through privileged access to transactions and a rigorous investment process in-line with best practices to ensure strategic fit and financial attractiveness. The team of highly skilled professionals have expertise to source, assess and structure transactions, as well as deploy funds into selective transactions by providing access to proprietary capital, sharia’a compliant leverage, and co-investments opportunities. Al Imtiaz Corporate Development also has a strong and proven track record to exit and monetize investments at maturity, providing value and capital for further investments and growth.


The Portfolio Monitoring and Management Department is responsible for oversight and management of Alimtiaz portfolio of strategic operating assets. The team is comprised of specialists with a proven track record in managing turnarounds and driving operational growth within multiple sectors. This is achieved by applying a high standard of corporate governance and effective controls through Board representation, ensuring alignment with the overall strategic goals, and monitoring performance on a regular basis. This approach enables Al Imtiaz to differentiate itself by maximizing revenues during the holding periods and enhance margins performance uniquely through asset divestment at maturity.


The Financial Investment Department complements Alimtiaz strategy by providing liquidity and returns from short to medium term investments in multiple asset classes globally. The mandate includes investing in public equities, IPOs and pre-IPOs; sharia’a compliant debt instruments such as sukuks; commodities; and private offerings. The dedicated team of specialized professionals manages investments both directly and through third-party managers to maximize value creation.