• Corporate Governance
  • Stakeholders


Alimtiaz is committed to protect the rights of stakeholders and create a stable environment for work through ensuring the existence of a stable and strong financial condition for the Company.

Respecting and protecting the rights of stakeholders should be achieved in accordance with the relevant laws applicable in the State of Kuwait, such as the Labor Law, the Companies Law in addition to the contracts made between the two parties and any additional undertakings that the Company assumes toward the stakeholders, because respecting their rights allows them to obtain actual compensations in the event where their rights are violated.

The Company’s Board of Directors takes the responsibility for laying down a Policy that sets the standards for protecting and updating the rights of all stakeholders whenever appropriate in order to clarify changes in the basic provisions of the laws and regulations and the instructions issued by the regulatory authorities. The objective of this policy is to explain and clarify the efforts of the Company to protect the rights of all stakeholders.